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New Yahoo White-Chat Room is Now Open (UPDATED VERSION 3)"

Yahoo whaite chat-such as skype and such as yahoo and better than both.

This is a greatest new that white-chat room is now open.

There are new look of chat rooms and you can start voice chat and text chat.

So keep visit and tell all of your friends about Yahoo White-Chat rooms.


Yahoo Account Unlocker v.1.0

Simple tool to unlock your accounts. 
In some cases, Yahoo wants more info so 
if you get an error after submitting captcha 
and you KNOW the password is right, log it 
in through mail where they will ask you a 
security question. This requires at least 
3.5 framework and is not dependent on any ocx or dll files.

Yahoo! Widgets help you save time and stay current by bringing an always-updated, at-a-glance view of your favorite Internet services right to your desktop. The Yahoo! Widget Gallery offers over 4,000 desktop Widgets - the most available anywhere online. Yahoo! Widgets is the only major desktop Widgets platform that works on both Windows and Mac OS.

"Yazak Version V8.98.16 Final"

Yazak is another 3rd Party chat client of yahoo messenger. Built with VB6 and designed for work in Windows Operating system platform, Yazak, among chat user of yahoo messenger, became one of the favorite chat client ever exist. In 2001, the complete free yazak has been launch to the public user. According to www.yazakpro.com–the official website of Yazak chat client–, yazak has a resistant from boot attack and it also free from virus.

R4 S-Booter v5.9 !

Recommened Approx 30-50 Bots For Yahoo Messenger Booting!!
-Room booter-Room locker-Single and multi booter

Version 5.9 Updates News!!!!
-Updates All Non SSL Logins In Program To Use SSL Now!
-Updated 1 Charge Packet! And Make Default All Options Ticked!

Medhioen Booter V.3 Cracked-The Blue Demondz

This program also is cracked(2012-04-03)

What The new Update?

-Change in Sslogin method login
-Update packet Booter and Remover not working
-Change Iface Just join master use one bots id above for grabber
 Room list and
-Detect Chat client in room.

Tricks of Boot v.1.2 By __H$PPY__

Nice single booter have 3 options and 2 button for boot victim!

-Save id and pass -Auto login and save last victim

Conf Voice King 4 Cracked By Khanrose + Video Tutorial !

Super strong yahoo conference voice hold with scroll options this tool is the strongest tool for voice in yahoo conferences it can over take any conference iggy tools or voice domination tools  in yahoo conference you dont need any socks for this tool this tool works with the yahoo latest ignore patch!

100% Working In Conference....